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Frequently Asked Questions

Baby Alpaca - CriaAlpaca fiber feels luxurious — like a cross between cashmere and silk. It also possesses superior wicking action compared to natural fibers — to keep you dry and cozy!

Alpaca fiber is...

  • Naturally hypoallergenic!
  • Not itchy like sheep wool!
  • 5 times warmer than wool!
  • Wear resistant - does not pill!
  • More durable than wool!
  • Wrinkle resistant for travel!
  • Not a cling-to-body fabric!

What do you call a baby alpaca?
A baby alpaca is called a cria (CREE-uh)

What are male and female alpaca called?
A breeding male is called a "Sire", while the female is called a "Dam"

How long is an alpaca dam pregnant?
11.5 months, the same as a horse. They have only one baby at a time.

How long do alpaca live?
Approximately 20 years

How often do you shear alpaca?
Once a year in the spring

Do alpaca spit at people?
No.  Alpacas sometime spit at each other as a form of communication. If an alpaca is put in a very fearful situation by a person they may react by spitting. This depends on the individual animal.

How big do alpaca get?
A full grown alpaca will generally will weigh between 150 and 175 pounds.